A research on the forms of communication in a football match

Communication Skills Communication is the art of successfully sharing meaningful information with people by means of an interchange of experience. Coaches wish to motivate the athletes they work with and to provide them with information that will allow them to train effectively and improve performance.

A research on the forms of communication in a football match

But this focuses more on the psychology of refereeing and in particular how our nonverbal communication effects the game. Therefore getting our non verbal communication correct is key to a good game. Nonverbal communication is the body language we use, as well as our facial expressions and hand gestures.

A research on the forms of communication in a football match

Hand gestures Postural echo what? Hand gestures are very important as not only are there a set of hand gestures we are required to use by the Laws of the Game, but also the other gestures used and general hand gestures we use to communicate in general life. For example when telling a player to calm down the widely known and used gesture of using open palms complements being calm and non confrontational.

The open palms can be used a lot during a game. They can be used for telling players to leave by simulating a pushing action with one hand, and also used for telling a player to come over to you. Postural echo Something that Psychologists call postural echo can be used to build a rapport with the players.

Postural echo is in essence copying the other persons posture, so this could mean walking a bit more like they do and standing a bit more like they do.

A research on the forms of communication in a football match

However this is very much situation dependant. If one of your games gets flared up and you need to assert your authority this can be done by something called the peacock. This can be done by lifting your chest up more and shows a sense of superiority and dominance.

The power of touch The power of touch is something that can have an influence on the game too, although I would recommend only using this for open age football and not youth football, as we all know what child protection is like these days.

A piece of research carried out by Fisher. All of the students who were touched rated it as a better experience. Therefore in refereeing we can use touch to our advantage and to build that key rapport with players.

If personal space is invaded we can feel exploited and very uncomfortable. There are 4 types of personal space. Whilst cautioning or dismissing a player the LOTG says that we should isolate the player but what it does not say is the amount of space there should be.

Your personal space which is 0.

8 Simple Ways to Improve Team Communication

The public space is over 4 meters which is where all other players should be whilst you have isolated the player to talk to them, apart from the captain, if appropriate. So take a few of these tips away with you and see if they work in your game. Psychology in refereeing 2 is to follow next season!

The story is written by Michael Jones on nonverbal communication as a referee. Thanks for writing this story for my blog.True/False: Body language and facial expressions are the only forms of nonverbal communication. False - Body language and facial expressions are the only forms of nonverbal communication.

The Five Communication Styles - Claire Newton

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Communication and Motivation with Football Players Jonathan Eric May COMMUNICATION AND MOTIVATION WITH FOOTBALL PLAYERS Jonathan May Communication in the form of negative feedback. 5 decreases perceived competence and may decrease both intrinsic and extrinsic. For almost ten years, for example, Football Research Group (FRG), Linköping University, conducted damage studies at Men Championship and the best Champions League men’s teams, but it is only this year that the FRG also received research funding to implement the corresponding period study in women’s football.

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With this in mind, it was felt that incidents reported after the start of a football match were more likely to be associated with that game than those that occurred prior to the start of the match.

7 The association of reports of domestic incidents in the lead up to matches could, however, be a .

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