An analysis of youth as the target audience for tobacco marketing

Effects[ edit ] The effectiveness of tobacco marketing in increasing consumption of tobacco products is widely documented. Advertising peaks in January, when the most people are trying to quit, although the most people take up smoking in the summer. Industry charity and sports sponsorships are publicized with publicity costing up to ten times the cost of the publicized actportraying the industry as actively sharing the values of the target audience.

An analysis of youth as the target audience for tobacco marketing

Pricing strategies Product innovation The following concerns, relating specifically to young people, have been raised this list is not exhaustive: Glamorising use by using celebrity endorsement and promotion at glamorous events e.

Non-Tobacco Companies Independent e-cigarette companies i. Evidence exists that each of these strategies has been successful with youth audiences in conventional cigarette promotion.

Aesthetic appeal including attractiveness, coolness, colours and innovative packaging and flavour variations; Research on tobacco clearly indicates the appeal of such characteristics and flavourings to youth audiences.

Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

Sky Cig made its first club-specific sponsorship deal in October see belowafter having had an advertising presence within football for two seasons. In JuneLondon venue The O2 signed a multi-year partnership deal with E-Lites, allowing guests to use and buy the products in and around the arena.

From past experience, we know they are deceitful, determined and deeply detrimental to public health. Tobacco companies do not necessarily advocate stopping smoking and using e-cigarettes instead.

E-cigarettes are promoted as a socially acceptable option rather than a smoking alternative altogether. The new product is a similar weight and size to a tobacco cigarette, has a soft-tip filter and features an LED light which glows a soft red when in use.

This example, demonstrates how BAT have used their existing knowledge and expertise in the smoking market and applied it to a new product and market.

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However, the club was closed soon after it was opened in November In hindsight, it was just a month-long promo for BAT's e-cigarette. The 'Vype Social' pages on the internet now link to the Govype page and a dedicated Facebook page. Amongst other techniques, Lorillard has used the following strategies, all of which are known to appeal to youth audiences, as shown above.

In one ad, Dorff says: Both packs start vibrating and flashing a blue light.

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As an alternative to this users can modify their preferences and share social media details with the other users. This ad from the US - Why quit?

Switch to Blu - makes it clear the company just wants people to use e-cigarettes.

SpringBlu also used the slogan Smoking Redefined which associates the e-cigarette to the real thing and with being cool. Actress Jenny McCarthy endorses Blu e-cigarettes on the product website 3. Motorsport sponsorship, reminiscent of conventional cigarette sponsorship, e.

Marlboro and Formula 1 4.

An analysis of youth as the target audience for tobacco marketing

Sexualising e-cigarette use 5.Social Marketing places particular importance on integrating the values, needs and concerns of the target audience and the community into program planning and implementation.

Exposed: Big Tobacco’s Marketing on Social Media. Investigation reveals industry's latest strategy to lure young people.

Who are the individuals developing Youth Marketing plans and learn how you can become one of them. Find it all at Levi's began their new marketing strategy with a careful analysis of the company and its customers. The best way for marketers to connect with the youth of the future is to get a degree in marketing.

Target Audience Essay Examples. 14 total results. An Analysis of Youth as the Target Audience for Tobacco Marketing. words. 1 page. The Positive Impact of TV Commercials on the Society.

words. 1 page. The Influence of Television Advertisement to People in America. 1, words. 2 pages. An Analysis of the Marketing Mix and the Target. British American Tobacco’s subsidiary CN Creative outlines the target audience of their e-cigarette, Vype, as existing smokers: The new product is a similar weight and size to a tobacco cigarette, has a soft-tip filter and features an LED light which glows a soft red when in use.

Regardless of your brand mission, identifying and gaining the devotion of your target audience is the necessary means to reaching your brand will find that knowing your target market inside and out you'll have the information that you need to achieve your brand marketing goals.

You can do this by conducting a market analysis.

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