Attempt to write a readonly database android

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Attempt to write a readonly database android

I have been using 5 RPis as a camera with motion detection and post-processing.

attempt to write a readonly database android

This application requires high reliability and it was a pretty long journey until all the issues were solved. Connectivity Of course, the first thing you need is proper connectivity, especially if you have your RPi on a remote location. There are many wifi dongles and most of them are very bad poor signal quality.

This works for me — https: Remote shell Related to the Connectivity. You need to be able to connect there remotely. It is just for an inspiration, you need to edit it for your setup. Basically after boot or wifi re-connection, RPi connects to my server and starts reverse-port-forwarding so I can access RPi from my server.

That improves life a lot.

Uninstalling myBase Desktop

Bad SD card To survive an unexpected poweroff, you need to have all filesystem mounted read-only more about it later. But first… even if you have your FS read-only, a cheap SD card can destroy the data on the card itself.

Unless you have special requirements, there are only a few paths which needs to be writable. That may complicate the update later… 4.

Install busybox syslog instad. It logs into memory and is very lightweight. You can then use logread command to read syslog ringbuffer from the memory when needed. Also clock keeping is poor on a standard RPi so you may consider updating time regularly every hour or two should be enough.

I used ntpdate for this. DHCP lease is the major problem. Simple solution is to delete the old directory and make it as a symlink to tmp like this: If you use alsamixer to set up volume level, make sure to do so in read-write filesystem.

Watchdog It is useful to set up a watchdog which can reboot your RPi in case something is unresponsive or eating CPU too much. Setting a minimum free RAM amount is a good idea. Before starting the watchdog, be prepared that you may have configured it wrongly and it will reboot immediately when you start it and may continuously reboot after each boot.

So be prepared to modify your SD card on a different device if that happens. It rebooted my box once while I was doing some filesystem changes. Fortunately it booted fine for me, but it may not for you and may require manual, local fix. In addition to the watchdog, you should set up reboot after a kernel panic.

I think you can somehow enable sending busybox syslog over the network. I made my own script for this purpose, though. Simple and helped a few times.

If you can ensure it somehow, then fine, use cron. If not and using relative time is enough, you can make a fake cron using bash script, while loop and wait commands. If you did everything correctly, it will boot just fine. If not, look at syslog and try to find out why.

You can fix the SD card in a different computer. What to do next Enjoy your reliable RPi. If you ever want to update the software, just remount the root filesystem as read-write temporarily: Now run your apt-get etc stuff, modify what you need.

I managed to improve it by disabling preview -n but still I set up RPi to reboot daily just to be sure…… Done And that should be it. If it all works, back up your SD card using dd google it https: I can also update the article to include more info. Please understand that I am often busy, so if you get stuck, please try google first.This is the error: rutadeltambor.comException: attempt to write a readonly database This is my code: SQLiteDatabase db = rutadeltambor.comtableDatabase(); rutadeltambor.comransaction(); try.

I have a SQLite database that I am using for a website. The problem is that when I try to INSERT INTO it, I get a PDOException SQLSTATE[HY]: General error: 8 attempt to write a readonly databas.

@lliseil It's more than likely the reader's write protect switch is being pressed upon by the card inserted into it, normally by the tab on the card but the switch (not the tab) can become bent and stuck on.

you can fix the sdcard reader by cutting off the write-protect switch pins, the ones that make physical contact with the lock tab on the card. The first time this is called, the database will be opened and onCreate(SQLiteDatabase), onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase, int, int) and/or onOpen(SQLiteDatabase) will be called.

Once opened successfully, the database is cached, so you can call this method every time you need to write to the database. attempt to write a readonly database; It seems like I need to change file / folder permissions What do I change them to?

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Fatal Exception: rutadeltambor.comReadOnlyDatabaseException: attempt to write a readonly database (code ) at rutadeltambor.comConnection.

Android - Attempt to write a readonly database… but I'm not