Boarding house business plan philippines jobs

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Boarding house business plan philippines jobs

If you need to buy a piece of land and then build the boarding house, the following is the estimated cost: P 5 — 6 million for land size m2 P You can also raise the amount of your rent based on the developments you will be doing on your property.

Nov 10,  · Pinsan kasi ng GF ko meron na sila existing 1 pa borading house kaya lang hindi rin legal then yung nag aasikaso eh pupunta na ng Canada so hindi daw niya kaya manage 2 boarding house plus may day job pa siya then water and laundry business kaya She . Jul 28,  · good day po. i'm planning to put up a boarding house business malapit sa school. san po ako pwedeng magstart. i've done a lot of reading dito sa entrep. pero i need more inputs. i'll be starting from scratch so san po kaya ako magsisimula? This is a list of house types. but possibly a house or a business. Brownstone: a New York City term for a rowhouse: see rowhouse. In the United States, lack of kitchen facilities prevents use of the term "apartment", so such would be classified as a boarding house or hotel.

You must also remember that before you start constructing your boarding house, make sure that you adhere to all the regulations in your municipality. Prices quoted are based on current land pricing and construction materials in Manila Philippines. When is the best time to start?

Once you find the the best location to put up your boarding house business, then by all means, start right away.


Like most businesses, location is the most important aspect of putting up a boarding house. You want to be closer to the areas where your possible tenants are, such as schools, offices, and malls are.

The perfect location to build a boarding house. The closer your boarding house to establishments like schools, malls and workplaces, the higher you can charge. Who wants to deal with a heavy traffic?

The second best strategy is to know where the future developments will be. A perfect example of this is, how the then called Fort Bonifacio area in Taguig was transformed from a sleepy soldiers camp to one of the most developed and busy cities in Manila.

The estimated expenses and yearly profit Expenses and profit will depend on what kind and how big your property is.

A decent boarding house with maybe rooms can earn you thousand pesos yearly. Excellent source of income. Whether your boarding house is mainly for students or workers, this business is always an excellent source of income if you are in a great location.

You should also know how to take care of your tenants. This allows you to save up for the repair cost in the future. Most care about their proximity to school and workplace.


CONS Risk of damage or theft. Some might treat your property as their own literally and just walk out the door along with your property.

boarding house business plan philippines jobs

Dealing with young tenants. This disadvantage is mainly for a boarding house for students. Though I am not saying that adult tenants are all well-behaved, young tenants are more prone to getting in trouble.

You may encounter reckless teenagers which is sadly, very common these days.Jul 28,  · i'm planning to put up a boarding house business malapit sa school.

Bureau of Rooming and Boarding House Standards

san po ako pwedeng magstart. i've done a lot of reading dito sa entrep. pero i need more inputs. i'll be starting from scratch so san po kaya ako magsisimula?

boarding house business plan philippines jobs

tnx in advance. A boarding house business is where you have a few rooms inside your own house to be rented to someone. It can also be an entire building filled with rooms and complete basic amenities that you can rent out to people who needed places to stay for a particular period of time.

Apr 06,  · Proposed Name of the Business: ARLUNE BOARDING HOUSE is a special boarding house for female students in Malang, present in with the concept of comfort for residents to help success in completing the task of learning/5(19).

How to Start a Hotel: 5 Keys to Success Starting a hotel requires careful choice of a location and strategy, a business plan, access to considerable financial resources, and a customer service mindset. The Rooming and Boarding House Act of and the Health Care Facilities Planning Act mandate social and safety requirements for all rooming and boarding houses and free-standing residential health care facilities respectively in the State.

Business Licenses and Permits – In addition to a general business license, most construction or contracting businesses need specific licenses to operate. For example, a tradesman license is required for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas fitting and other construction trades.

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