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Early life and education[ edit ] Lou Henry, age 17, on a burro at Acton, Californiaon August 22, She then went to Stanford University where she met Herbert Hoover, who was then a senior. Inthe year she graduated from Stanford, Hoover cabled a marriage proposal, which she promptly accepted by return wire.

Busy essay henry hoover life lou

She was deeply influenced by her childhood spent in Whittier although she was born in Waterloo, Iowa on March 29, As a young girl, Lou Henry was a tomboy, spending a lot of her time in the hills and mountains surrounding Whittier. She and her father would go horseback riding together and by the age of thirteen she was said to be as good of a shot as her father.

She helped her father run his one man bank but the family business would eventually fail in the economic slump of the s. In she enrolled at Stanford University as the only female geology major and it is here that she met Herbert Hoover, who was a senior geology major at the time.

They began a relationship with the understanding that wedding plans would be put off while Lou finished her studies and Herbert pursued an engineering career in Australia.

Busy essay henry hoover life lou

They eventually married in Monterey on February 10, and afterwards they traveled to Tianjin, China where Lou would accompany Herbert on his trips to remote areas for his job.

Lou had a natural ear for languages so she was able to learn Chinese and has been the only First Lady to date to be able to speak an Asian language. She participated in radio broadcasts and during World War I, she helped Herbert provide relief to Belgian refugees.

During this time, she was also President of the Girl Scouts of the U. On January 8, at the age of 69, Lou Henry Hoover died of a heart attack.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The Lou Henry Hoover House or, very rarely, Lou Henry and Herbert Hoover House is a historic house located on the campus of Stanford University in Stanford, California, United States.

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