Danish crown analysis

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Danish crown analysis

Danish crown favored as hedge against euro break-up Jessica Mortimer 5 Min Read LONDON Reuters - Buying the Danish crown against the euro has become popular among hedge funds and other speculative investors looking to protect themselves against a break-up of the single currency, though some warn it could be a risky bet.

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Denmark is not in the euro zone but its central bank, the Nationalbank, intervenes to keep the crown pegged within a band against the euro. Denmark has a history of maintaining exchange rate targets.

The crown was pegged to sterling in the late s, to the dollar-based Bretton Woods system after World War Two and to the German mark from the s. In a referendum inDanes voted against adopting the euro but Denmark has retained a peg to the single currency via the ERM II exchange rate mechanism.

He added there was broad agreement among politicians and economists that pegging the currency has been beneficial to the Danish economy. The move softened the crown slightly, though it remains close to its recent highs, trading around 7.

The central bank aims to keep the crown within 2. Traders said concerns over the legal position of these options could cause the market for them to dry up, while analysts also warned it could be wrong to assume, as these options do, that the Danish crown would gain if the euro zone debt crisis escalated.

Danish crown analysis

Scandinavian currencies, particularly the Swedish crown, typically fall during period of heightened risk aversion. Some say that if weaker countries left the euro zone then the euro should strengthen, including against the Danish crown.Analysis.

Danish crown analysis

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Tafdrup prepares portrait of Danish Crown Prince as a young man - Cineuropa

In defence of soup: Campbell Soup needs to get back to basics. Danish Crown – Pork Processing Plant, Horsens. The plant can slaughter 78, pigs per . Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik has left the Winter Olympics in South Korea to rush home to be with his hospitalised father Prince Henrik, whose condition has "seriously worsened", the Danish.

The Danish Crown is the main Danish slaughterhouses with almost 90 per cent of the total pig production and in Europe has as main competitors: the Dutch Dumeco and the French Socopa both cooperatives, the German Westfleisch, the English Malton Foods and Swedish Meat.

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