Dogzilla writing activities

The dog smelt a yummy smell coming from the first ever annual barbecue cook-off. This peaked the dogs interest and she made her way to Mousopolis.

Dogzilla writing activities

As the cook-off got under way, smoke from the hot grills lifted the irresistible scent of barbecue sauce over the roof-tops of the city. A gentle wind carried the mouth-watering smell into the distance, right over the top of an ancient crater.

Before long, a strange and mysterious sound was heard: And suddenly, up from the very depths of the earth came the most terrifying creature ever known to mousekind: Immediately, soldiers were sent out to stop the mighty beast. The heroic troops were led by their brave commanding officer, the Big Cheese.

Afterward, Dogzilla wandered through the city streets, doing those things the come naturally to dogs. Dogzilla chased cars — right off the freeway! Dogzilla chewed furniture — and the furniture store as well.

And Dogzilla dug up bones — at the Museum of Natural History. It is perhaps millions of years old. Within minutes, the mice had assembled at the center of town.

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The panicking pooch let out a burst of hot, fiery breath, and the chase was on! The Big Cheese tried to catch up to the hot dog with all the relish he could muster. Dogzilla hightailed it out of town, and back into the mouth of the ancient volcano.

Within a year, Mousopolis had rebuilt itself.

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The mice of Mousopolis fired up their grills, confident that they would never see or hear from Dogzilla again.ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us.

If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other . A monstrous mutt terrorizes the residents of Mousopolis.

dogzilla writing activities

Resources: Dogzilla from HM Theme 3, Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, and Boundless Grace by Mary Hoffman. Focus Lesson (15 20 min) Mini Lesson Today’s writing workshop will be unusual, with children teaching each other about their topics rather than writing.

“Today instead of writing about your topic, you’ll teach (or make plans to.

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This lesson teaches students to investigate published texts to help them learn how to revise their writing to add words and phrases that will create sharp, sensory-rich experiences for their readers.

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Activity Guide from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Rate & Share. Lesson Plan from WritingFix: Rate & Share. Writing Activity from Achieve the Core: Rate & Share. Lesson Plan from ReadWriteThink: Rate & Share. Author Interviews (2) In-depth Written Interview with Dav Pilkey Grades in which Dogzilla .

dogzilla writing activities
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