Essay plastic garbage

We pour milk for our morning cereal out of a plastic bottle, drive to work in our cars with plastic components, and write reports on our computers using plastic keyboards. Plastics of any kind make our lives easier, and seemingly better. However, our love affair with plastic is not sustainable.

Essay plastic garbage

Waste plastic material is Essay plastic garbage to dispose of and contributes to major pollution on earth. This has become a cause of global concern. The increasing use of plastic bags, utensils and furniture, the amount of plastic waste has also gone up and so has the plastic pollution.

It is time we must take this problem seriously and work towards eradicating it. Long and Short Essay on Plastic Pollution in English Here are essays on plastic pollution of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exams and school assignments.

You can select any plastic pollution essay as per your need and requirement: Plastic is a non bio-degradable substance. It is thus a challenge to dispose it off. It remains in the environment for hundreds of years and causes air, water and land pollution.

It is hazardous for the humans, animals as well as the plants. Several animals, birds and marine creatures die due to plastic pollution each year.

Plastic plates, bags, spoons, glasses and other material are readily available in the market. These are economical and easy to use. People prefer using these use-and-throw utensils during gatherings and parties as it shuns the hassle of clearing and cleaning the utensils later.

All they need to do is to gather these and throw them away. However, little do they realize that this waste is not disposed off so easily.

Against Plastic

It continues to remain in the environment and harm us adversely. Not just plastic utensils and carry bags, furniture and various other things made out of plastic are also used extensively world over. It is high time we must realize the harmful effects of plastic pollution and contribute our bit towards bringing it down.

Essay on Beat Plastic Pollution — Essay 2 words Introduction Plastic pollution, caused due to plastic waste, has reached alarming heights and is increasing rapidly with every passing day. It has become a cause of global concern as it is destroying our beautiful planet and having negative repercussions on all kinds of living beings.

Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution Here are two simple ways to lower plastic pollution that we can practice in our daily life: Now, since we have grown quite accustomed to using plastic products and these are light on our pocket, we cannot avoid their usage completely.

However, we can certainly avoid using those plastic products that can easily be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, instead of using plastic bags, we can easily opt for a jute, cloth or paper bag when we head for shopping.

Essay plastic garbage

Likewise, instead of using disposable plastic cutlery and utensils during parties we can use those made of steel, paper, thermocol or any other material which is reusable or easy to dispose. Reuse If you cannot avoid using plastic bags or other products for some reason then it is suggested to at least reuse them as many times as you can before disposing them off.

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We are in a habit of throwing the plastic bags and containers we get with packed food almost immediately after use even though these can be used a couple of times before disposing off. We should reuse these instead.

This can be our contribution towards reducing the plastic waste and bringing down plastic pollution. Conclusion It is time for us to stand united to fight this evil called plastic pollution.

If each one of us follows the ways to beat plastic pollution shared here then we can certainly bring down the pollution level to a large extent. There are many reasons that lead to this type of pollution. The adverse effects of plastic pollution are also plenty. Causes of Plastic Pollution Economical and Easy to Use Plastic is one of the most widely used substances when it comes to production of containers, bags, furniture and various other things.

This is because it is economical and can easily be moulded into different forms. The increasing use of plastic goods has increased the plastic waste which is a cause of plastic pollution. Non-Biodegradable Plastic waste which is increasing by the day is non-biodegradable.

Plastic does not get disposed of in soil or water. It remains in the environment for hundreds of years and adds to the land, water and air pollution. Effects of Plastic Pollution Here is how plastic pollution is effecting our environment and life on earth: Pollutes Water Plastic waste is entering the water bodies such as rivers, seas and even oceans and is polluting our water drastically.

This water is then supplied at our places. No matter how much we filter this water it can never get back to its pure form and thus has negative repercussions on our health.The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean.

Marine debris is trash that culminates up in oceans, seas, and other sizable voluminous bodies of dihydrogen monoxide. Essay on Beat Plastic Pollution – Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. Plastic pollution, caused due to plastic waste, has reached alarming heights and is increasing rapidly with every passing day.

utilization of plastic waste for hollow blocks production Essay. Utilization of Plastic Waste Production of Hollow Blocks and Bricks ABSTRACT The objective of this IP is to prove that plastics can be recycled into reusable hollow blocks/bricks and help the environment by lessening plastic waste.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Essay Words | 7 Pages. Alex Ibarra ENG December 12, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Living on this earth is a privilege and unfortunately we sometimes take advantage of it.

Plastic pollution is something that’s hurting the environment and is growing more and more every year. Plastic pollution is caused by people using the ocean as a trash can. People are careless and would rather litter than throw the pastic bag away or recycle it.

Plastic is one of these products, which can take more than years to degrade and can only be recycled bcy a lengthy, expensive process. Plastic products, in particular, plastic shopping bags, account for more than half of the waste in landfills the world over.

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