Essays on the prince of tides

Translated by John W. The Loeb Classical Library.

Essays on the prince of tides

Do the tides of history force certain men into greatness, or is greatness forged within their hearts and executed through their will?

If you are a believer, Bruce's history is one that surely shows how evil can be used for good and providence holds the hands of freedom seekers everywhere.

The de Brus family held lands in the southwest of Scotland, their ancestry being Celtic, but their land grants and titles Bruce was the Earl of Carrick following in the wake of the Norman conquest - providing them with lands in both Scotland and England and thereby producing hard choices for the Bruces at the time of the Interregnum.

To be as brief as possible: InScotland's young queen, the Maid of Norway, died without having ever stepped foot on Scottish soil, throwing Scotland into disarray as no fewer than 13 men made claim to the throne.

At this time, Edward I was king of England - a very able and ruthless king - and he naturally sought to take advantage of the situation to bring Scotland under English suzerainty. The upshot was a long period of warfare, both amongst the Scots and with England, lasting until the s.

This period is known as the Wars of Independence. There is no doubt that Balliol's claim was strongest, but Edward I also realized King John was a weak man and expected to rule Scotland through him. Balliol ruled in a manner of speaking from throughfinally having the courage to renounce his fealty to Edward I.

He and his son were taken to England, but eventually allowed to retire to France, and retire from our story. Ironically, Balliol died in - the year of Bannockburn. At this point, Edward I attempted direct rule of Scotland, installing his own men in all the leadership positions.

Many believe he took the wrong stone, and that the location of the real stone was and is a closely guarded secret.

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The Scots retrieved the stone Edward I had taken in Edward I underestimated the loathing the Scottish people felt for him and for English rule. He was also contemptous of what their armies could accomplish without royal leadership.

Though Moray died and Wallace lost at Falkirk, forcing him into hiding, the Scots continued to rebel against English rule and small skirmishes and guerilla warfare continued unabated.

During these years, Scotland's leadership was initially divided between Robert Bruce our Robert and John Comyn the Red Comynbut the two of them despised each other. Inat a meeting in Selkirk Forest, the Comyn physically attacked Bruce who almost died in the ensuing fight.

Bruce resigned his guardianship inpaying fealty to Edward I in a very temporary measure. We can only sympathize with Robert Bruce's wavering and indecision through these dangerous years. His grandfather had died, and his father had fled the conflict by moving to Norway with one of his daughters.

Essays on the prince of tides

Later, Bruce's father gave up his Scottish holdings and titles Carrickand retired to his lands in England. Robert was left to head his family he was the eldest of nine, many of whom gave their lives in his cause and all of whom supported him.

He alone had to decide - stay and fight the English, remove himself from the conflict by leaving Scotland, or go for broke and aim for the highest prize of all?

Here is where fate steps in and forces the decision. Robert Bruce's hot temper and loathing for the Comyn got the best of him, and Robert murdered his rival - and in a church to boot.The Moon and Tides Observation Essay Words | 4 Pages.

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The Prince of Tides Summary & Study Guide

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