Help me concentrate on my essay

Also, I could not concentrate over one hour.

Help me concentrate on my essay

Many of these people argue that background music helps them focus. Why would having two things to concentrate on make you more focused, not less? Some people even go so far as to say that not having music on is more distracting. Experiments by Maria Witek and colleagues reveal that there needs to be a medium level of syncopation in music to elicit a pleasure response and associated body movement in individuals.

What this means in plain English is: Is speed reading a waste of time? Read more Your own experience will probably back this up. In contrast, chaotic and unpredictable music, like free jazz, has high levels of syncopation, can be extremely off-putting and rarely, if ever, entices people to dance.

The middle ground funk music like James Brown is what the experimenters reference most hits the sweet spot between predictable and chaotic, for which the brain has a strong preference.

Most modern pop falls somewhere within this range, no doubt. Paying attention Why would music help us concentrate, though? One argument is to do with attention.

We seem to have two attention systems: The unconscious one is simpler, more fundamental, and linked to emotional processing rather than higher reasoning. It also operates faster. Music is a very useful tool in such situations. A lot of companies have tried using pink noise pdf — a less invasive version of white noise — broadcasting it around the workplace to reduce distractions and boost productivity.

But views on the effectiveness of this approach are mixed at best. It seems clear that the type of noise, or music, is important. This may seem obvious: While the nature and style of the music can cause specific responses in the brain funky music compels you to dance, sad music makes you melancholymotivational music makes you want to keep fitsome studies suggest that it really is down to personal preference.

Given the extreme variation in musical preferences from person to person, exposing your workforce or classroom to a single type of music would obviously end up with mixed results. How physical exercise makes your brain work better Read more Music also has a big impact on mood — truly bleak music could sap your enthusiasm for your task.

Something else to look out for is music with catchy lyrics. Musical pieces without wordsmight be better working companions, as human speech and vocalisation is something our brains pay particular attention to.One of my students' flaccid theses and always get help me please.

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Help me concentrate on my essay

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