How to write an airline pilot cover letter

Earlier this week, the multi-nation team investigating the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight announced that the hunt for the missing Boeingwhich had been concentrated in the southeastern Indian Ocean, was at last being called off. After two years and over a hundred million search dollars, only a few scattered pieces of the jetliner were found, washed ashore on isolated islands, presumably hundreds or even thousands of miles from the actual, unknown spot were the flight met its end. It happens this way sometimes.

How to write an airline pilot cover letter

When ATC called to hand them off to the next frequency, both flight crew were unable to interprete the frequency and unable to select the new frequency until they finally managed to write it down after several repeats by air traffic control and process it from there.

Operating increasingly erratically the first officer finally how to write an airline pilot cover letter his oxygen mask, recovered a bit and recognized that the captain had sunk into his seat and was incapacitated.

The first officer put the oxygen mask on the captain, too, who subsequently began to recover as well. The flight crew managed to land the aircraft without further incident, however, did not recall how they managed to land or taxi the aircraft.

Accident: Spirit A at Boston on Jul 17th , fumes on board, captain died 50 days later

Both flight crew continued two more sectors the next day after a night's rest at a hotel, then both pilots went to see doctors.

The captain was diagnosed with internal bleeding and abnormal blood values consistent with ToCP poisoning. Both flight crew were sick with diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, body shakes and feeling of tiredness that began to subside only after a couple of days.

The first officer returned to duty about a week later, the captain returned to duty a couple of days after the first officer, however, was described as unconcentrated and erratic throughout the following flights developing eye-hand coordination issues and increasingly unusual behaviour.

On Sep 5th50 days after the occurrence, the captain died. According to the captain's family the official cause of his passing was a heart attack. Michel Mulder, a former airline pilot for KLM and Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA, has spent the last 10 years on fundamental research regarding long term effects of exposure to contaminated air in jet aircraft.

how to write an airline pilot cover letter

During this time he and a team of scientists, performed 6 post mortem studies of prematurely deceased cockpit and cabin personnel. Strangely enough all six candidates show similar neuro-degenerative damage to the brain, heart and peripheral nervous system.

The heart showed a normally rare disease called a catecholamine mediated Lymphocytic Myocarditis Taka Tsubo. This may give rise to heart rhythm disturbances or sudden heart failure see the paper on "Autoantibody markers of neural degeneration are associated with post-mortem histopathological alterations of a neurologically injured pilot" by M.

In before the jet engines entered commercial aviation a study of the University of Cincinnati Aero Medical Laboratory conducted by Joseph F. Treon and collegues showed, that even high doses of substances like being used in engine oils without thermal decomposition were "generally tolerated without untoward reactions".

Countless further research papers were published since confirming, re-iterating and expanding such evidence. The Aviation Herald only became aware of this occurrence in January while researching another recent fume event, see Accident: Spirit A20N near Fort Lauderdale on Jan 28thfumes on board, crew feeling increasingly incapacitated which was followed by an incredible number of further fume event reports most of which we did not cover but queried and filed reports with the FAA as they nearly reached "give us our daily fume event" as if a dam broke within the airline's staff after our January coverage.

All of these reports included narratives of attempts to suppress write ups in the tech logs or reporting of such occurrences to authorities similiar to the first officer's narrative of this fume event. Ever since, also due to the reactions to our coverage, we were searching for and collecting evidence to verify this event.

It was extremely difficult to even establish the exact date of the occurrence, then identify the aircraft to finally be able to file a meaningful inquiry with the FAA about the event.

The NTSB reported on direct inquiry early February still without us knowing the exact occurrence date, we only knew it was in July that they are not aware of any such occurrence.

After we were finally able to establish the exact date of the fume event, The Aviation Herald inquired with the FAA about the event but was told the FAA had no records.

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In disbelief The Aviation Herald filed a request for all materials concerning this occurrence under the Freedom of Information Act on Mar 6th including requesting the ATC recordings pertinent to the arrival of that particular flight NK on Jul 17th into Boston as well as any filings made about the occurrence, on Mar 12th we received the reply stating: Our searches revealed there are no records responsive to your request.

The airline did not respond to inquiries by The Aviation Herald. The first officer was directly contacted by The Aviation Herald, but did not respond. On Jul 17th the two pilots had already completed two more sectors on this particular aircraft prior to the final fume event.

The pilots discussed the event and whether to write it up in the technical log book, however, the captain decided to first return to Chicago before entering the event in the log book. On the flight back to Chicago, already flight NK, an even stronger odour of dirty socks appeared at the top of descent, passengers covered their mouths and flight attendants began to complain about feeling sick.

After landing the odours were written up in the technical log, however, maintenance was unable to reproduce the odour. While the flight crew was considering what to do next, the assistant chief pilot of the airline boarded the aircraft and told the crew off, that they didn't know what they were doing and they were wrong in pushing for further maintenance action.

The flight crew gave in and departed for the next sector. See the following paragraph and letter by the first officer for a detailed narrative of the fume event and following events. Following the captain's passing the first officer wrote a long letter click here for the PDF to his pilots' association editorial note: The first officer also gave a presentation to another pilot's association APA Allied Pilots Association on Oct 17th which was videotaped by APA, who gave us their friendly permission to carry that video.

On Apr 7th the first officer filed a copyright complaint with Youtube demanding the video to be taken down, Youtube complied with that request.For your airline pilot application to stand out, your CV needs to be accompanied with a professionally structured and unique covering letter which matches your skills set and attitude to that of the ethos and culture of the airline to whom you are applying to.

Q: I have these headset working with a Sigtronics sport intercom in an open cockpit ultralight; comunications pilot-copilot are very noisy and would like to know in what way(s) this can be improved A: The first place I would start is with a leather mic cover.

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The pilot shortage began when deregulation pulled us all away from small town airports.

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Flying is, and will always be, expensive and demanding because it is. It can be a hobby or profession, but whether you pay for it, or it pays you, it is an industry that demands respect and self-discipline from. Use this Free Professional Airline Pilot Cover Letter as inspiration to writing your own Airline Pilot Cover Letter for a job application and resume to get hired!

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