Leading and managing the hr function

This includes planning for team success, and fulfilling what it takes run a business. Five key functions are regarded as the ways that management should lead and interact with team members.

Leading and managing the hr function

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Workspirited Staff Last Updated: Feb 7, Think human resources, and what comes to mind is the tough-as-nails Catbert, a character from the phenomenally successful comic strip, Dilbert. He's someone who "enjoys crushing the spirit of the company's employees", as the evil director of HR.

As far as humor is concerned, everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, as with the character of Catbert, who manages to turn every employee's life into a nightmare with his devious policies. Of course, things are well-exaggerated and far from the truth in this comic strip.

Nevertheless, the fact that so many find Catbert amusing, and identify with his behavior goes to show the kind of image that HR personnel have been laden with. It's unfair to associate their work with monstrosity, as a department used by the management to send out veiled reprimands.

The HR department has a lot on its hands, and topping the list is the delicate task of acting as a liaison between the employees and the management. What follows is a brief description of the various functions performed by the HR department. Functions of Human Resource Department Recruitment By far the most important of all the duties covered by the human resource team, recruitment takes up a large chunk of the company's priorities.

Recruitment begins with making the company's presence felt in the job market by advertizing vacancies, participating in job fairs, or hovering around the university circuit. Choosing the appropriate people from a large pool of applicants is a tremendous responsibility.

This involves an acute sense of perceptiveness while sifting through the hoards of applications that come a company's way. After the shortlisting procedure is over, the HR department moves on to the task of scheduling and conducting interviews.

Here, the HR managers have to assess the candidate on various levels, right from their educational qualifications and talent, to their character traits.

They may also have to apply various methods of evaluation to zero in on the right people for the job. Conducting background checks on the selected candidates may also come under the aegis of the HR department.

Motivation An important task that the HR department executes is motivating the employees to excel at what they do. Motivation for the employees, comes mostly in the monetary form. The HR department has to evaluate employee performances, and devise an appropriate rewarding system.

This can include the following -- Equities.Jun 30,  · Managing Employees» Managers» Five Functions of Management & Leading managers are tasked with leading and inspiring the people who work under them. This function begins with. HRM is the organizational function that deals with or provides leadership and advice for dealing with all issues related to the people in an organization.

Leading and managing the hr function

HRM, as such, deals with compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. A manager in a large organization often works with the company's human resources department to accomplish this goal.

Leading: A manager needs to do more than just plan, organize, and staff her team to achieve a goal. Effective HR leadership goes beyond managing all the tasks and responsibilities carried out by the HR function. It also requires the critical soft skills needed from any leader—courage, judgment, influence, political agility, effective communication—all of these applied .

The human resource management function — the employment cycle • evaluate different practices and processes for managing human resources.

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Leading HR

Guide to Managing Human Resources; Section 3: Interaction in the Workplace Steps to Building an Effective Team ; Steps to Building an Effective Team. Guide to Managing Human Resources. Preface; Section 1: Recruiting Staff; Section 2: Managing Successfully; Section 3: Interaction in the Workplace.

Chapter Managing Diversity .

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