Old labour new labour essay

Old Labour effectively sticks to the original core beliefs of Labour and is somewhat socialist, whereas New Labour has moved more to the centre a shift to the right effectivelyand is less socialist than Old Labour. The core beliefs of old labour are the concepts of class, collectivism, equality, organised labour, and the role of the state. Old Labour is a fervent believer in the theory that most political conflicts stem initially from class conflicts.

Old labour new labour essay

Miliband professed that his Labour will reach out to voters alienated by the party in the swhile also standing up to the vested interests courted by the party in government over the past decade. However, is he right to brand these two strands of Labour under the same name?

What are the main differences between the ideals of Old and New Labour, and how can this be seen through their policies? Blair, sensing the toxic brand that Old Labour had become, removed any notion that communist ideals remained in the Labour Party by implementing a sense of merit into his policies, while retaining the more left-wing value of equal oppurtunities.

The fundamental differences between Old and New Labour can be seen through their attitudes towards crime prevention. Old Labour had traditionally held a more compassionate attitude towards criminality — looking at the sociological influence behind crime, as well as economic factors which may result in criminal tendencies.

He maintained a more traditional approach to crime than Old Labour: Differing attitudes towards crime is just one way in which Blair seems to have been motivated by a widespread sense of disdain towards the stance of the Michael Foot Labour party, which fuelled a determination to hold very different ideals in relation to sectors such as crime.

Old Labour, of course, embraced the idea of public ownership, and it was important to Blair that his new party was not seen to be ideologically pursuing centralised public ownership in order to create a party that appealed to a wider range of voters, in particular the middle classes.

These state benefits for people on a low income who are struggling to raise a family highlighted that New Labour was keen to hold on to the strong working class base that Labour had inherited, while continuing to pursue economic growth.

So, how similar are Old and New Labour? Introduced into the London Underground, the NHS and schools, these policies raised money in the short-term without the need for higher taxes.New labour old labour comparison essay.

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Old labour new labour essay

About my teacher. Politics Old and New Labour Essay The Labour Party is a centre-left political party in the United Kingdom, and one of the two main British political parties along with the Conservative Party - Politics Old and New Labour Essay introduction.

Old and New Labour are two quite distinct and different sections of Labour.

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Old Labour effectively sticks to the original core beliefs of Labour and is somewhat socialist, whereas New Labour has moved more to the centre (a shift to the right effectively), and is less socialist than Old Labour.

It is one of the United Kingdom's three main political parties and is currently the party of government in the United Kingdom. It has won by a landslide victory in the general election, and formed its first government since the general election. Once New Labour was established, it was developed as a brand, portrayed as a departure from "Old Labour", the party of pre, which had been criticised for regularly betraying its election promises and was linked with trade unionism, the state and benefit claimants.

How different is New Labour from Old Labour?

New labour old labour comparison essay

- How Different Is Old Labour from New Labour Essay introduction?? The Labour Party was formed to represent the working class at a time when the franchise had not yet been extended to such groups. The party’s origins in .

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