School exams should be abolished

Whats about future You will risk your life without testing your knowledge Exam is a word that most students fear off.

School exams should be abolished

Take English Language in British schools. The student has 2 hours 15 minutes for the paper, to complete three 8 mark questions, two 16 mark questions and one 24 mark question.

School exams should be abolished

In context, this is no time whatsoever. And if a student goes slightly over, the knock-on effect on their time limit increases stress and does not benefit the student. So why do we put students in unrealistic time frames? Personally, I think not.

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The world needs people of all abilities to function. How would the world work without bin men; without supermarket workers; without entrepreneurs?

Exams are a test of Memory, not Intelligence. If you can remember the ways in which a solo pianist uses techniques to improve a performance, then your exam life will be easy. While they do test a student and give them a goal to work towards, the fact that the goal is minuscule in size and they only have one football to shoot at it with or their career is over, means that more people are judged on a piece of paper rather than their actual performance.

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67% Say Yes 33% Say No Schools should replace exams It is important for schools to measure how well students understand the material . We should all learn from Finland where there are no mandated standardized tests, apart from one exam at the end of students’ senior year in high school.

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Written Exams Should Be Abolished Lee Chan Wai, Albert Li, Lim Shi Ping, Liu Bo Zhou, Liu Yi Heng Raffles Institution Mentor: Miss Kong In the current era when students young and old are required to take written exams, to assess them, to judge them, life then is under tremendous demands.

Matura in Albania. The official name is Matura Shtetërore (State Matura) which was introduced in by the Ministry of Education and Science replacing the school based Provimet e Pjekurisë (Maturity Examination). The Matura is the obligatory exam after finishing the gjimnaz (secondary school) to have one's education formally recognized and to become eligible to enroll in universities.

However, it is a sizeable part of the school that all students have to go through. there are advantages in exams, yet there are stack who think the opposite that exams have more disadvantages to the students and should be abolished.

Diposkan oleh Ra MY ESSAY "National Examination Should be Abolished" Todays, exam is one important thing to determine the quality of each students.

In school, exam will given by the teacher.

School exams should be abolished

Teacher will test the students of how much they got knowledge for that time.

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