Socio economic impact of hiv and

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Socio economic impact of hiv and

Specifically, they generally assume that people can move easily from one type of job to another. This assumption is likely to underestimate the impact of the pandemic on production, because the replacement of skilled labour is a slow and expensive task, and labour cannot be shifted simply from one sector to another agriculture to health care, for example in response to shortages in skills.

Another class of models—termed computable general equilibrium models—allow the differential effects of the pandemic across sectors to be estimated. These studies predicted greater economic effects of the pandemic than did regression analysis, and they also found significant variation across industrial sectors.

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An important step in limiting the economic effects of the pandemic is to develop comprehensive policies tailored to the needs of the economies of individual countries.

These policies will inevitably include the introduction of treatment and prevention programmes but may also include economic measures, such as targeted training of skills needed in key industries.

Socio economic impact of hiv and

Although estimates of the cost of national programmes have been published for some time, only now are estimates of clinical effectiveness being produced.

To assess which programmes in poor countries give the best value for money, future research needs to combine data on cost and on clinical effectiveness. Taking into account the macroeconomic effects of interventions may provoke a number of ethically and politically sensitive dilemmas.

For example, to maintain economic stability it may be necessary to target expensive antiretroviral drugs at highly productive socioeconomic groups in specific industries on the basis of their contribution to economic output rather than their healthcare needs.

Such a strategy would generate greater economic prosperity and government funds, allow time for replacement labour to be trained, and thereby reduce the overall impact of the pandemic.

The AIDS pandemic is much more than a medical problem, and thus requires more than medical interventions. Economic models help us develop and maintain the economic environments within which sustainable medical programmes can be implemented.The Socio-Economic Impact of HIV December UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone.

On the ground in countries and territories. its likely socio-economic impact.

Socio economic impact of hiv and

The present paper grew from a recognition that, to promote both better prevention and appropriate development planning around AIDS, hard data are needed. Socio-Economic impact of HIV/AIDS on people living with HIV/AIDS and their families A study conducted by Delhi Network of Positive People Manipur Network of .

Socio-Economic impact of HIV/AIDS on people living with HIV/AIDS and their families A study conducted by Delhi Network of Positive People Manipur Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS. The socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS was considerably grave, and certainly more among the sicker patients with increased severity and duration of the disease.

Intensive education for PLWHAs, their family members, and other stakeholders is urgently required for the reduction of AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, as also the need for care.

The economic impact on South African Business Considering that people at the peak of their productivity are most affected the crucial question in the economic context is, what are firms doing, how holistic is their approach towards HIV/AIDS prevention and .

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