Start up tourism business plans

Event Planning Sample Business Plan Below is a briefing of several places of interest and their various attractions. Set in a wide valley just 10 minutes drive from the city, this scenic reserve offers a well-developed network of game drives and stone and thatch chalets overlooking a water hole.

Start up tourism business plans

You can base your business on referring travelers to travel companies, or you can make money by booking their reservations yourself. You also have options when it comes to how you will conduct your travel business.

You may, for example, book all types of travel for your clients or choose a specific niche, like destination-based bus tours or trips to a specific resort. No matter how you choose to structure your business, you'll have an opportunity to earn money while helping others to enjoy visiting new places.

Look for training opportunities before you start your own travel business. For example, you may take a community college travel agent course that introduces you to different types of bookings, reservation software and the legalities of running a travel business.

Consider joining the American Society of Travel Agents for webinars and other educational material specifically for your new industry. Decide whether you will start your business as a referral agent, sign on with a host agency, or start an independent travel business from scratch.

As a referral agent, you will refer clients to travel companies and receive a referral fee for each person who makes a reservation. If you sign on with a host agency, you will use the host agency's contacts to book reservations with a range of companies and receive travel agent commissions for bookings.

If you decide to start an independent travel agency, you will likely have to make your own contacts and negotiate commissions for your bookings. Evaluate whether you want to sell all kinds of travel or start a niche travel agency. Sometimes focusing on a specific area of travel, such as adventure travel or honeymoons, makes it easier to target a specific type of customer and slims your competition.

Contact travel companies if you will start a referral business or an independent travel agency from home. Negotiate referral fees if you will be a referral agent. If you will start an independent travel agency, negotiate contracts that includes commission amounts for each booking you make.

Contact the Airlines Reporting Corporation to apply for wholesale rates and commissions on airline and Amtrak bookings. Sign on with a host agency if you prefer to conduct your business under the umbrella of an established agency.

You will book reservations using the host agency's system and contacts. In most cases, your business will split commissions travel companies provide with the host agency. You may be charged a startup fee and monthly fees to work with some host agencies.

Consider paying for a computer reservation system if you will start an independent travel agency without the help of a host agency. This may enable you to book a wider variety of reservations directly with travel suppliers. Many travel companies will not require you to use a CRS to make reservations, however.

Create a business plan.

start up tourism business plans

It should include your startup costs and how you will fund your business. Your business plan should also include details about finding customers.Sep 03,  · How to Start Your Own Business in the Travel Industry.

In this Article: Starting a Franchise Travel Agency Starting a Home-based Travel Agency Becoming and Independent Contractor in the Travel Industry Community Q&A. In the modern marketplace, setting up and running a successful and profitable travel business is a highly challenging task%().

Find out if you're ready to take the next step Do you need a sample travel agency business plan template or feasibility study?

Sample Business Plans Travel Tour Agency Sample Business Plan. Start-Up your travel tour agency with a business plan similar to this detailed example. John-Paul Iwuoha is an author, impact entrepreneur, business strategist and founder of Smallstarter Africa.

He works with entrepreneurs and investors to start up and grow businesses in Africa.

Tourism Business In Nigeria & Africa: Business Plan + Complete Guide

His work and articles have been featured on several local and international media, including CNN, The Huffington Post, The Africa Perspective Magazine, Business Day and LinkedIn Pulse, among others.

Travel and tourism is a fun and rewarding industry. Starting with a good business plan will help you succeed in this exciting field.

To get started, check out a sample business plan for an upscale travel agency, international travel agency, sightseeing tours business, and other travel related business. Running a tourism or accommodation business is definitely not a nine-to-five Monday to Friday industry. To find out if you're ready to take the next step, answer the list of questions below.

Your answers should be a resounding 'yes'. If you answered 'no' to any of the questions above, it's. Most of the travel agentshave their offices in big cities with branches in small towns. In small towns also people havebeen setting up their own travel agencies.

Travel agents compete for business in the areawhere they are located.

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