Thesis on impulse buying

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Thesis on impulse buying

Pakistan has seen a huge growth in the number of large supermarkets and by the last decade many foreign supermarkets and giant retailers have started their operations in Pakistan such as Metro, Hyperstar, and Dolmen.

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Due to enormous growth in retail sector, consumer impulse buying has turned into a common phenomenon around and hence producers and retailers invest a lot of money to market their brand to consumers with a specific end goal to expand the consumption level of purchasers that will eventually lead towards bigger market share and profitability.

Therefore, the retailers and marketers both need valuable and reliable information regarding in-store promotional activities and out of those which in-store promotional activity trigger impulse buying behavior of shopper the most.

Kotler was in backing of the in-store promotional activities as Kotler, stated that in-store promotional activities are the major stimuli to encourage the consumer for impulse buying. As indicated by a research done by Rook, Impulse buying behavior is exciting and complex in the meantime, it involves an often sudden and powerful force to buy something that is unplanned.

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According to Kotler, consumers are more stimulated by in-store promotional activities such as free gifts, coupons, sampling and buy one get one free. Therefore this research will be conducted to find out the impact of in-store promotional activities on impulse buying behavior of consumers in Karachi-Pakistan.

Numerous researches have been conducted on impulse buying behavior as the retailers have realized the importance of impulse buying and the benefits they achieve out of it. With regarding to stores, if a consumer has trust and in-store environment sounds good, it might lead to a positive evaluation of the products Guenzi et al.

An impulse purchase or impulse buying is a spontaneous purchase or otherwise unplanned. Impulse items can be anything, samples a new product or well-established products at unexpected low prices.

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Parboteeah ; based on Piron, Impulse buyers begin browsing without having an aim to buy a certain item or visiting a certain store. When impulse buyers feel the need to buy, they make a buying decision without searching for data, information, evaluating options or alternatives.

Thesis on impulse buying

Then, consumers may encounter positive or negative consequences by the post-purchase assessment after the buy on impulse. In this process, consumers are influenced by external and internal factors that trigger their impulse purchase behavior.

According to Wells it was found out that most people buy occasionally on impulse and it happened because of the different stimuli like display of products, in-store promotion which are the key source of stimulation that leads to impulse buying. In-store promotions play a very significant role at the point of purchase e.

Coupons, free gift, buy one get one free, free sampling play aimportant role in stimulating the impulse purchase Zhang, X. Blattberg and Neslin, explained that in-store sales promotion directly influence the impulse buying behavior of consumer.

According to Totten and Block, in-store sales promotion expands to numerous forms of selling procedures which produce immediate effect on sales. Most Supermarkets are designed in a way to encourage and enhance the amount of impulse purchases e.

Thesis on impulse buying

An example can be taking of buy one get one free when it is announced in any super store it will encourage the impulse buying of the consumer and trigger the purchases which will boost the sales. The main aim of conducting this research is to figure out the impact of different in-store promotional activities on impulse buying behavior of consumers.Bachelor Programme in Business Bachelor Thesis Impulse buying, reasons why and consumer electronics, Oh My!

An investigation about impulse buying, why it occurs and how it can be beneficial for. iStock/Business Insider Here they are: the most important charts in the world.. Once again, we asked dozens of top strategists, economists, and writers for one chart that is top of mind right now.

Is that a bad thing? In my view, yes, it can be. Impulse buying I am personally working on a paper on visual perception and am currently investigating the linkage between Fodor's thesis of the.

This thesis aims to investigate the consumer behaviour behind impulse buying and find the views on the subject. Focus will be put on the . Impulse buying, according to research done by Beatty and Ferrell () is a immediate and sudden buying with no pre-shopping intentions or aims either to purchase the specific product category or to fulï¬ ll a speciï¬ c purchasing task.

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